Unique Properties of the Maqui Berry – A South American Berry for Improving Health

Maqui berry plants grow only in one place in the entire world: the South American country of Chile. Here it is known by the Mapuche Indians as a remarkable cure that has been used throughout the past centuries as an effective means of treating a wide variety of ailments.

Powersuperfoods.com.au reveals that maqui beverages were the secret of the Mapuche Indians’ longer than average life spans and their exceptional health.

An Overview of Maqui Fruits

These fruits are a type of berry that is very similar to acai berries. Darker in color, they taste delicious and are often prepared into smoothies and beverages in South America.

The anti-aging and health benefits of these fruits, however, are much more impressive. This is the main reason why maqui fruits have been harvested to an increasing rate in recent years. Pills and supplements are now prepared by several manufacturers, and the results are nothing short of remarkable – as buyers and reviewers can confirm.

What Makes These Berries so Special?

When it comes to improving your health and offering good options for prevention, the maqui berry really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Its high antioxidant content makes it perfect for helping to prevent cancer, according to the experts at Nature World. Its anticancer properties have been discovered through in vitro research, revealing that the berries’ extract can effectively destroy free radicals.

The berry extract also has a strong anti-inflammatory action. Since inflammation has recently been linked to diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, scientists claim that it would make sense to consider the possibility of keeping these disorders under control, delaying their onset, or even preventing them entirely with the help of maqui extract.

Finally, the detoxifying properties of the berries are also worth mentioning. This is mainly due to their excellent dietary mineral and vitamin content, which ensures overall good health and superior immune response.

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