5 Good Reasons to Try Maqui Berry Powder – Improve Your Health and NutritionThe maqui is known for its exceptional amount of healthy nutrients and beneficial vitamins that can enhance your health, whether you’re taking it in powder form, as fresh fruit, or as an over-the-counter supplement containing other ingredients as well. Below we will present the lesser known benefits of the maqui, as shown by nutrition experts from around the globe.

  1. High Antioxidant Content

Blogger and naturopath, Davina Hearne, points out that maqui berry powder has many exceptional benefits, but none as significant as its antioxidant content. In fact, the maqui has the highest amount of useful antioxidants of any berry.

  1. Skin Care and Eyesight

Maqui intake has been associated with the ingestion of a higher amount of vitamin C, which allows you to enhance your eye and skin health. The anthocyanins present in the maqui extract also have an effect of renewing skin cells and reducing the negative impact of excessive sun exposure.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

According to Superfoods for Superhealth, maqui berry extract is great for inflammation and to boost cardiovascular health. You can use it to encourage smoother circulation and reduce bad cholesterol content, so there’s less of a chance of any cardiovascular health problems.

  1. Increased Energy and Weight Loss

After adding maqui to your daily diet, you’ll feel a lot more energized, and its ability to enhance your metabolism will make it an ideal choice as a weight loss supplement. Stamina and mental clarity are also improved, so you can feel comfortable with longer workouts and increase your endurance at the workplace.

  1. Healthy Bones and Joints

The fruit features many essential nutrients and minerals, and calcium, iron and potassium are also among them. With its notable concentration of calcium, the berries – or any supplements that use maqui extract as their active ingredient – can help improve the structural integrity of bones and joints.