What Makes Maqui Fruits So Special – Maqui Benefits Regarding HealthIf you took some time to research berries in the past, you already know about how healthy blueberries, strawberries or blackberries are. But the more exotic maqui fruits are some of the most unique and impressive types of berries you will encounter, due mainly because of their rich nutrient content and impressive antioxidant count.

Indigenous South American Cures

The nutrition specialists at Global Healing Center have given a complete presentation of the main maqui benefits regarding health. Even though the fruit isn’t all that well-known as of yet, it has an upper hand over every other type of berry you can buy:

  • Maqui extract contains a pigment known as anthocyanin, which is also the main source of its antioxidant power.
  • Indigenous communities in Chile have used the fruit for generations to treat various maladies, stomach problems like diarrhea and health issues involving infection and inflammation.
  • The nutritional content of maqui fruits is quite impressive. You have in them a great source of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as Vitamin A and C.

Finding the Best Maqui Supplement

As shown by the data gathered by Value Food, the maqui berry plant can only be found in South America, so you’d have to physically go to Chile if you want to gain access to fresh maqui fruits. That being said, there are dried maqui products, and the fruit’s extract and nutrients are also available in powder form or as capsules.

There are a lot of different brands that sell maqui, and finding the best one can be a real hassle. Fortunately, you do have a few hints you can keep in mind when searching for a good supplement: positive reviews, 100% natural ingredients, few complaints and the inclusion of substances that are known for their scientifically proven health benefits and known to be found in the actual maqui fruit.

Maqui Select is one of the only supplements that actually fits the profile regarding all of these qualities, and that’s also 100% safe. Compared to other maqui tablets, this is one of the best you can choose.