It all started about six years ago when I moved out of my parents’ home into a new town when I was attending university courses. I had a chaotic schedule at college and I used to spend my free time going out with friends and getting less and less sleep. My three stable meals per day, that I used to have at home, soon turned into eating whenever I had the time and the result started to show in less than one year.

Most of the times I was coughing because I was not able to get rid of the cold I usually got during mid October and I had this awful bloating sensation all the time. Furthermore, because there were days when my courses occupied more than eight hours in a day, I did not have time to eat and, when I had free days, I was eating more than I actually needed. This unhealthy eating habits gained me around 30 pounds and you can imagine how I felt when my clothes did not fit me anymore and I was not able to wear my favorite skirts and t-shirts.

When I noticed I was getting so much weight that my health was at risk, I decided to do something about it. So, over the past four years I tried all sorts of diets and losing weight programs, but sadly they did not do much for me but maintain my weight. However, all this has changed when I finally decided to try those amazing maqui berries everyone was talking about on various weight loss sites. What is great about them is that not only was I able to lose those extra 30 pounds, but I also got rid of the swollen belly sensation that I was having all the time, with little effort.

After two weeks of using the maqui berries I noticed I had more energy and I was in the mood to do more activities.

My focus at university also improved and the result was a scholarship that I was able to get in my last year due to improving my grades.


It was all starting to look better and better for me and, what is most important, I was finally able to get a good night sleep rest.

This is why I decided to order more of these incredible maqui berries supplements and I started to include them in my daily meals. The berries have a lot of nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium, and are ideal as a vitamin supplement, considering we are no longer getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals we need from our foods. Normally I drink a glass of this berry juice before each meal, however, they can be ordered raw and as pills as well. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Besides the energy boost that I felt immediately, I started losing some weight in a rather short period of time. The secret of the maqui berries is that they have the highest amount of antioxidants that you can find on the market and that plays an important role when it comes to losing weight. The way they work is very simple. First they clean your body of all those wastes and toxins that you accumulate over time. Once your body is clean, then it is able to process the food faster and absorb the nutrients quicker.

When I was reading about the detox losing weight diets, some time ago, I had a good laugh and I was thinking you can never get slim by doing nothing except keeping your body clean. The maqui berries showed me the importance of having a healthy body before you can start to work on losing those extra pounds. You simply cannot increase the rate at which your metabolism functions, unless you eliminate all of the bad things that block your digestive system from doing its job.

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And guess what? If your digestive system is working properly you will get rid of all abdominal cramps, bloating, indigestion or any other symptom associated with a malfunctioning digestive system. In addition, you can even consider the maqui berries as vitamin for losing weight supplement, as a recent study conducted in the United States proved, that people with a low concentration of vitamin C are not able to get rid of the extra pounds easily.

Both the energy boost and the detoxification of your body contribute to losing weight. In my case, I started enjoying the walk to school or to wherever I had some errands to do. A simple thing like walking for at least twenty minutes per day helps in losing weight faster than you might think.

Remember that coughing I was telling you about? Well, all I can say is that it is midwinter here and I still did not catch a cold yet. Besides giving you an energy boost and contributing to losing weight, the maqui berries fortify your immune system. The high amount of antioxidants takes off the pressure from the immune system, thus helping the body in the fight against germs, bacteria or viruses in a natural way. Considering the stress we put our body to nowadays, my opinion is that we need all the help we can get to maintain our health.

Furthermore, the maqui berries supplements also improved the appearance of my hair, skin and nails. Because they contain vitamin A, which is one of the best factors included in all those expensive cosmetic products, I was at last able to keep my hair loose and wear more fashionable clothes that reveal the skin.

This is my secret to being in shape and looking great and, because the maqui berries supplements were able to do so much for me, I consider them to be the perfect solution to all of my problems.